Automation, monitoring and backup tools for Linux SysAdmins

List of Automation, monitoring and backup tools for Linux System Administrators

In this Post, We will take a look at the some of the tools that can automate day to day tasks for system administrators.

1.) Puppet Open Source

puppet linux tool

Puppet is an open source automation and reporting tool for Linux system administrators. It is written in the Ruby scripting language and is available in two versions, a free open source version and a paid commercial version (Puppet Enterprise), Paid version of puppet comes with extra features and support. It allows us to configure any server or even multiple servers remotely and with ease.
It can be used for creating and managing users, setting cron jobs, installing or removing packages, executing commands, monitoring the network and controlling files on multiple servers.

2.) CFEngine

CFEngine tool

CFEngine is an open source Linux automation tool for Linux system administrators and engineers. CFEngine takes less resources while running, and runs on a much greater range of computing environments.

There are two versions of the CFEngine tool, Community and Enterprise edition. Enterprise edition includes the features of the Community edition with some extra features such as GUI admin console and support.

It can be used for remote execution, service management, password management, process management, patch management and application deployment etc.

3.) ConfigServer and Security Firewall

csf firewall tool

Config Server Firewall is a free and advanced firewall for Linux servers and is a good security tool for hosting servers which can be integrated into the user interface of WHM/cPanel control panel .

It can recognize many attacks, such as port scans, SYN floods, login brute force attacks on many services and also includes features such as permitting or blocking an IP addresses, and restricting access by port number.

It is a free version so no support provided with this application except through the ConfigServer community forum where the community of csf users may assist each other.

4.) Amanda

amanda linux

Amanda (Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver) is a Linux backup tool which can automate, schedule backups that are packaged with tool like tar.

It is an open source tool which supports both tape-Based and disk-Based backup, and provides users with some useful functionality which is not available with other backup tools.

There are two versions of this tool, Free Community Edition and Enterprise Edition, Enterprise edition comes with full support.


  • Open Source Tool
  • Based on Client-Server Model
  • Can Scheduled Backup
  • Available for most Linux Distributions
  • Takes less time to create a backup
  • Stable, Configurable

5.) Nagios

Nagios core tool

Nagios also known as the Nagios Core is an open source automation and monitoring tool for Linux distributions.

It can monitor disk usage, memory usage, load, log files etc. It can also be used to monitor services and can report services to alert the system administrators if some problem occurs.

Nagios is free, open source, but support can be purchased for $995 per year.

6.) Webmin

Webmin tool

Webmin is an open source, web-based tool for system administration. It allows user to administer their server through a web interface using web browser rather than working directly with files through SSH.

Webmin comes in two versions, a free version and Pro version. Pro version has more utilities with support included. The installation procedure is same for both versions.

It can be used to setup user accounts, configure Apache, bind DNS, file sharing, change password, LDAP and much more.

If you want to manage your own server, but you are uncomfortable with the SSH, Webmin is a good tool for you.

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