VHosts and Directives, Part 6: Location Directive return and rewrite

Location Directives return and rewrite

In this article, I will explain, you how to return codes based on a URL location using the rewrite and return directive in the Nginx web server.

Move to Nginx configuration files directory.

cd /etc/nginx/vhost.d

1.) Return 404

Add following code inside server block of your domain configuration file

location /forum {
return 404;

By using this you URL/forum will return 404 error page.

2.) Redirect using 301

location /forum {
return 301 http://google.com;

This will redirect your URL/forum page to Google using 301 error.

3.) Rewrite Url

location /forum {
rewrite ^/forum/(.*)$ http://www.myexample.local/forums/$1 permanent;

The above code will change your URL/forum to URL/forums.


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